Home Depot or Nest Depot?

Home Depot staff marked a box with a bird nest in the store.
Sitting innocuously on a Home Depot garden entree shelf among boxes of bone meal, this nest of baby birds was labelled by staff to keep people at a respectful distance.
Nest on a shelf at Home Depot.
A nest-in-a-box at Home Depot's garden centre. I don't know if anyone was home, but didn't want to disturb the box in case they were.


By Michele Young

What happens to birds when they get trapped in the garden centres of places like Canadian Tire or Home Depot?
I’ve often questioned if they’re able to get out, or what happens with the ones who build nests in the rafters.
So I was encouraged to see what staff in one Kamloops garden centre did with a nest that was obviously in harm’s way.
I stumbled across this box of babies as I was browsing among the lawn edging and fertilizers at Home Depot this week. Birds in that store aren’t really stuck, as there is a lot of open space where they can fly out.
But at least one bird family took the ‘home’ in Home Depot to heart.I didn’t want to disturb anyone who might still be inside the box, so I gently pushed the adjacent products out of the way for the photo, then moved them back. The shelf was above eye level and the box blended in quite nicely, so I’m not sure how many customers have even noticed they were shopping around a nest full of young ones.

Kudos to staff for coming up with this innovation.

I wonder if the bone meal made the fledglings grow bigger.

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