Jane Goodall and Wounda
Jane Goodall with Wounda as the chimpanzee is released in the wild after rehabilitation.

The bright lights that shone onto Jane Goodall’s face as she spoke at Thompson Rivers University Monday night took their toll.

By the time Goodall asked for the lights to be dimmed so she could field questions from the audience after more than an hour of telling stories of her life and urging everyone to do what they can to make the world better, her eyelids were growing heavy and her responses less energetic.

Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall

What do a pop/country star, an astronaut and an elderly animal crusader have in common? All have filled venues in Kamloops in less than an hour.

The trio I refer to are Shania Twain, Chris Hadfield and Jane Goodall.

Goodall speaks at Thompson Rivers University’s Grand Hall on March 24, 7 p.m. Who knew a chimp lover would some day be travelling around to packed audiences eager to hear about her experiences? The TRU Students’ Union is bringing her in as part of its Common Voices lecture series.