CidMiLgUUAALQeeHe was found wandering the streets of Lancaster, California. Like thousands, probably millions, of other stray dogs, he was sick and starving. Nothing but bones and matted fur, an infected wound festering on the side of his face, days from death.

Anemic, his intestines wriggling with parasitic worms and foxtails (those scrubby plants that grow in parking lots) embedded throughout his body causing infections even in his eyes and lodging in his carotid artery, George teetered between life and death for almost two weeks before finally stabilizing.

Clover and Heidi Somerville
Clover was among the 34 dogs in distress seized in April 2011. Clover is now living happily with her new owner Heidi Somerville. (Calgary Herald)

On Wednesday, a Calgary court judge ruled Joseph Hogan was guilty of animal cruelty. The Calgary Humane Society seized 34 pit bulls from Hogan’s Calgary home in 2011. Many were in distress — he had been told to improve their conditions, including provision of water, more space and medical care.

Seems he was breeding the animals. He had 20 adults and 14 puppies at his home and was sending out flyers saying he was having trouble feeding them.