A Kelowna-based crocodile ‘zoo’ that just got non-profit status a few weeks ago after being run as a private business since 2002 is considering a move to Kamloops.

Owner Doug Illman said recently CrocTalk is struggling financially — expenses are around $8,000 a month to feed 20 or so crocodiles and an African serval cat — and the facility’s location off the beaten path makes it tougher to draw visitors.

He has tried to get financial support in Kelowna but hasn’t succeeded. He’s been in talks with the B.C. Wildlife Park on the east end of Kamloops and there has been some interest. However, last month, the BCWP board rejected the idea of the two ventures joining up.

Marius the giraffe
Marius the giraffe at Copenhagen Zoo (the times.co.uk)

Understandably there was outrage this week when a Copenhagen zoo killed a healthy two-year-old "surplus" giraffe, cut it up and fed it to the lions.

That it was done in front of school children, and that the redundant giraffe had big gentle eyes and a name, Marius, starts to make it unpalatable.

Marius was part of a breeding program at the zoo, but his genes weren't needed. The zoo was concerned about too much inbreeding. The giraffe had to go.